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Robotization of production plants is a long observable trend and the more easily persuadable big manufacturers are mostly robotized. Robotization now needs to focus on smaller manufacturers.
Experience shows that such smaller firms frequently back out from their robotization plans due to lack of conviction.

We are building a software product that allows companies delivering robotization solutions to demonstrate the end result of a project in a tangible way, increasing thus the willingness of their customers to follow through with their investment plans. The current state-of-the-art way to present robotization solutions for prospective customers is by means of computer simulations, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Our solution takes data from computer simulations and creates an augmented reality scene at the actual location of the project, allowing the customer to see the end result in action, how it would work once implemented.

Who we are


A group of young software enthusiasts with a clear vision of automation. We believe that modern software technology has a lot to add to industrial automation.


We supply a software solution that complements offline robot programming and manufacturing simulations for industrial robots relying on augmented reality (AR).


Our concept won the trust of the European Union and we received our initial financial boost from the EU.
We are constantly looking for new opportunities.

iREX 2019
iREX 2019

Visit our booth in Japan between the 18th and 21st of December.

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Strada II Rákóczi Ferenc 84,
Harghita Business Center
535600 Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

Fiscal code 40184735,
Company registration number J19/581/2018

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